A Legend Says Goodbye !


The passing away of Jagmohan Dalmiya ji came as a rude surprise despite us being aware that he was not in the best of health. As it is said, the good in life waits for no one. Sir Dalmiya was good not only in cricket but in everyday chores of life. He was a very good man. Somebody, who was respected because he knew how to respect. This is what made him different.

By now, reams will have been written about what he did for cricket. If anything, Dalmiya ji put Indian cricket on a pedestal it deserved to be. India is a cricket loving country. Despite having some of the best cricketers in the world, the game wandered for quite a while in the hands of a few in the West.

Sir Dalmiya ji changed that perception and reality. From the days he entered International Cricket Council (ICC) till his passing away, Dalmiya ji never allowed cricket to be used for personal gains. He made the best stroke players, the best bowlers and even the best fielders the champions. He allowed players to take centre stage.

I am here with my General Secretary Vinod Phadke in Calcutta in our mission to say good bye to the gentleman of cricket. Calcutta is mourning. This is the greatness of the man. In a few hours he will be put to his eternal rest. We will not see him physically again. But his vision will always lead us on.

RIP Sir!



Mr. Chetan Desai



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