Book a date with cricket

Any sport is a success when the spectators come in. the more the number of spectators the better it is not only for the sport but the moral of the players.Performance gets better when there are people cheering or even jeering.
It has been some time now that the ranji fixtures were held at our ground in Porvorim. a few people came to watch. But ,it will be better if more come.
It is true we do not have facilities for many people. But , that does not mean that we cannot make facilities available.We will surely when the need arises.
I would be happy that people who love cricket come and see the change in our boys. They need everyone’s applause.Then , they will be better.
Goa play another few away games and it is action back at GCA in Porvorim.The schedule is available on our website. Have a look and book a date!



Mr. Chetan Desai



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