Dheeraj wants all to clap together

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Dheeraj Jadhav is in his 16th Ranji season. He started playing Ranji for his home state Maharashtra . After eight successive seasons he quit and joined Assam. In the seven years that he has been with Assam, Dheeraj got the boys from the North East into the elite group. In many ways, the lads from Assam stood to gain.

Batting is his forte.After fifty two first class games, Dheeraj impresses with an average of 52. Could be looked as a strange statistical coincidence for the player whose highest score is 260 not out.

As captain of the Goa Ranji team for the 2015-2016 season Dheeraj strokes queries on his plans to consolidate not just the game at the Ranji stage but his strategy to boost the confidence of the Goan players.


Q: How do you view the opportunity of being captain of Goa this season?

A: Playing better cricket is one aspect of the task. Having played against Goa in the past, I know the strategy adopted by other teams and hence am working on a way to get round the thought process of other states.

Q: What thought process do others have when playing against Goa?

A: Usually everyone plays to win. but, when we played Goa the strategy was always on how to get maximum points against Goa. I want to mould the thought process in the boys in such a way that the other teams stop thinking bout Goa in this way. We can do that my changing our own approach. And one way is by starting winning. Then, others will stop taking us for granted.

Q:Are the Goan boys going to change after listening to you?

A: I want to change the players attitude and their concern. It is not that my colleagues in Goa are bad. But, they have some limitations and I want to change that.

Q: What limitations are you talking about?

A: Most of the players from other states play a lot of games. Maybe, there is a shortage of games. The more games, the better. it helps in the overall development of the players. There have to be more tournaments. Once there are more tournaments they will start setting into a different rhythm. They will not be the same again. They will start fighting for a place in the team.

Q:Do you think we lack in talent?

A: No. I don’t think Goa lacks in talent. Goa actually has a decent team. I have known the boys for a while now in Pune and I think the standard of the game is good.There is no dearth of talent.I think there has to be a good combination and I am working on that.The boys are responsive.

Q: What are your strategies for the first game on October 1?

A: I have been thinking a lot keeping in mind even what our opponents may plan. But, I cannot and will not discuss strategy. Winning is definitely on. To start by winning and maintaining the tempo is pat of the main strategy.The rest you will see when we perform.

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