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Sagun Kamat has been scoring runs for Goa consistently seen the start of the 2015 Ranji Trophy season.In four matches, he has hit two centuries.One on home soil, the other in Himachal Pradesh (HP).Scoring centuries is the goal of any cricketer.Scoring many centuries is like the icing on a cake.
Sagun started his career playing for Panjim Gymkhana.He began young with the clubs under-16 team. Sagun started representing Goa in the Ranji when he was sixteen.
Q: What has been your forte ?
A: To play straight and stroke making have always been aspects of my game that have pushed me forward.I enjoy batting in the manner I am doing now.
Q: You have been amongst runs constantly now. What were the reasons for the lack in consistency?
A:I have gained maturity quite late into the game and I think that is the reason why.
Q: Why not earlier?Why late?
A: It is what you are thought , when that matters. I was thought the basics of the game in my younger days but I suppose one cannot be thought maturity.
Q:Has your maturity come with age? What have you learnt now that you didn’t know before?
A: No.ow I have learnt to choose which ball to hit when and where earlier. My timing on the focus on the ball has changed and I think that is one thing that has helped me be amongst runs.
Q:Who do you credit for bringing about this change?
A: Chandrakant Chede, anil Arolkar and Nitin Verenkar all helped me.Now i have Hrishikesh Kanitkar and he has been of great help. He has helped me see the game from a different aspect. My performance now is because of him.
Q:How will you differentiate Kanitkar?
A: He is helping me and the team develop our mental strenght. The psychological aspects of the game are being handled well by him. That is why you see a different Goa team this season.

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