Focus is on overall development of players: Kanitkar

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Forty year old former Test cricketer Hrishikesh Kanitkar was zeroed on by the newly elected Managing Committee of the Goa Cricket Association (GCA) to be the coach of Goa’s Ranji team for a term of a year with provisions for further extensions.

In his first exhaustive interview Hrishikesh took time off from his schedule training the Goan Ranji probables in Pune to elucidate on his roadmap for cricket in Goa.


Q: What is the roadmap drawn by you to develop cricket at the Ranji stage?

A: We are looking at the overall development of each player. Work is being directed on all aspects of batting and bowling. For example we are not only looking at run-ups when it comes to bowlers but also the essence on the finishing and the follow through. The basics are being strengthened. If the basics are strong, the person is a more complete player. Our emphasis is on making a complete player.

Q: What is being done to get our players better than the opposition?

A: The idea is to get our players ready to play better than the opposition. Each and every one is working on getting better. Work is being directed on each and every player getting better. The totality is being taken care of. Every individual in the group is important. Focus is on all individuals together and alone.

Q: Is emphasis being laid on the team or on individual performance?

A: We are playing as a team. We practise as a team. There is very good rapport amongst the players. This rapport existed before the boys came together too Pune. I have a group of good men out here. Their individual personalities are astonishing. They will not only be remembered as good cricketers but good men too.

Q:What are they learning with you in Pune?

A: We have done a video analysis of all the players and based on the results, the players are given skill drills, bowling drills and net practise. The boys have also started playing games amongst themselves. Match practise is an interesting component being worked on. Match scenarios are being worked on too.

Q: How sure are you that the boys will be ready for the opposition?

A: My boys are ready to play better than the opposition. This is important. To have self-belief is the mainstay of any team and all the boys have worked on this aspect. Everyone is working on getting better. The boys are not only playing as a team but are working as a team. They are taking shape as a unit. This in itself is a great step forward. There is great rapport between all the players.

Q:Do you think that at the end you will churn out good men of these cricketers?

A: They already are good men. I don’t think they need to be thought anything on this aspect. In that way, I have been given a very good unit. Once, the loose playing ends are polished, will be ready to face any opposition.

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