GCL for our boys

I am happy that the Goa Corporate League will be starting. The idea to start any tournament is to give our Goan players a chance to brush shoulders with experience. The Goa Corporate League is going to feature some of the best cricketers who played for India in various formats of the game. We will be seeing star players from Air India, ONGC, Reliance and Indian Oil giving our boys a chance of learning from them. The Goan teams will most probably consist of players from Goa.The habit of bringing players from outside and then asking them toplayin different names is being discontinued for good.It is not only bad for Goan cricketers but shows no character. Our cricketers will never improve if they are brought up in their environment.Hence our decision to stick to what is best for our boys- honest fair play.The GCL is for our boys first.



Mr. Chetan Desai


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