Healthy competition is good!

Goa begin the last Ranji tie against Jammu and kashmir today.The boys may have not qualified for the knock out stage but their performance needs applause.All through the Ranji tournament there was a marked improvement in everybody’s approach to the game. each game was played with a better frame of mind and credit to this goes to coach Hritikesh Kanitkar.

After the Ranji , other tournaments begin.In the Under-19 category, our boys have won two matches and are expected to win in the third against Delhi.The match is two days old and the game seems to be tilting in our favour. I am sure the results will keep getting better. Better results means more involvement. It attracts the children to the game.Children are our base.They will be always.The more children we have playing , the better it is.

The ladies team have started taking part in competitions.The enthusiasm being shown by the eves is nice to see .I expect them to continue with their positive energy through the season.Winning is nice. Taking part in competitions is better.

Healthy competition is good for the mind.



Mr. Chetan Desai


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