Keep the focus on

It has been over a month and a half now and the coaching camp started for over 75 boys is over.When we started, there were over 120 boys and the numbers were slowly trimmed and those in whom the coaching staff could see talent were retained.
I think this is the first step and a very significant step forward.We are not going to be able to perform miracles in months. It will take time,perhaps a few years to get Goa going as far as cricket is concerned but I think all of us in GCA are taking the right steps and that has been the torch mark of our success.
As we move forward, a few will try to distract us because they think that is the only way for them to jump in. We have given people opportunities to prove themselves and they have really shown the salt they are made off.
The monsoons will set in soon.Let us enjoy the rains. As we do , let us not forget our path forward.


Mr. Chetan Desai


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