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2023-24 season probables selected for Sr men team camp and practice matches
Twenty three probables and three professional players , with more expected to join, have been picked up as Goa men team probables for the 2023-24 season according to Goa Cricket Association Secretary Rohan Gauns Dessai
The senior probables are to leave for Puducherry on August 16 for the one month preparatory camp and practice matches scheduled.
The following is the list of 23 Probables:
Manthan Kutkar, Prathamesh Gawas,Ishan Gadekar,Deepraj Gaonkar,Snehal Kauthankar,Suyash Prabhudesai,Kashyap Bakhle,Tunish Sawkar,Vikas Singh,Darshan Misal,Mohit Redkar,Keith Pinto,Vedant Naik,Shubham Desai,Felix Alemao,Heramb Parab,Lakshay Garg,Rutvik Naik,Vijesh Prabhudesai,Shubham Tari,Samar Dubashi, Aditya Suryavanshi and Rajshekar Harikant.
Arjun Tendulkar, K B Siddharth and Rohan Kadam are the three professionals to join the 23 probables with a few more expected to join the group at a later stage.
The squad is to be selected in September.