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Goa Cricket Association has recently commenced the pre-season training regimen (online) for the senior men's and women's talent pool, looking forward to building their capacities for the 2021-22 season. With the COVID-19 situation still prevailing, the conditions are yet to be conducive to offline training. Hence, GCA's director of coaching & cricket operations Prakash Mayenkar and his team have set up the online programme.
Men's team physio Dr Vivek Mishra elaborated on the details of the task at hand.
"Initially, we set long duration and low-intensity programme to improve or maintain player cardio-respiratory fitness, muscle strength, flexibility and joint mobility," said Dr Mishra.
With regards to the parameters to monitor, Dr Mishra revealed: "There are various parameters while assessing a cricket player. Starting with strength, endurance, agility and mobility. There are a set of tests that are conducted at the beginning of the season. Based on the results obtained after the assessment, a player is given a specific exercise programme. The player is then told to follow the programme and provide feedback if he is having any problems. In between after 2-3 weeks, some tests are conducted to check and monitor the progress. All the data is recorded including the heart rate and spo2."
The COVID times present huge challenges, and adaptability is crucial. "We had to maintain the fitness levels without many not having access to gym or grounds for strength and endurance training. As the lockdown started, things got quite tough. We conduct virtual meetings with players and the support staff under the guidance of the director of coaching Prakash Mayenkar sir and explain the pre-season programme. This way, we did the player assessment and allot the training regimen. The follow-up is done through WhatsApp video call and telephonic conversations," explained Dr Mishra.
The 2020-21 domestic season was short. So, are there any parameters that are different and how big is the task to prepare for a possible full season 2021-22? Replies Dr Mishra, saying: There are no specific parameters (in the context) because all parameters are standard. Our players' fitness level is good because we are taking rehab and training programmes. Endurance drills (like long-distance running) will be undertaken once the curfew is over."