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Vilas Desai+ 4 suspended
GCA News Bytes The Managing Committee has discussed Vilas Desai , Putu Rama Dessai,Shri Vinay Gaonkar,Shri Suhas Naik and Sarvodaya Sporting Club. The replies filed by the 4 individuals have been found to be unsatisfactory. Shri Vilas dessai has sought to rely on some affidavits. These affidavits are from persons whowere employed by Shri Vilas desai and others are his supporters. The Managing CommitteeSporting Clubnhas also decided not to give any further time to Sarvodaya Sporting Club to file its reply. The Managing Committee has after going through the complaints filed by several members of the managing committeeas well as the replies filed unanimously decided that the actions of Shri Vilas dessai , Putu Dessai,Vinay Gaonkar,Suhas Naik and Sarvodaya Sporting Club is against the interest of the Association. The conduct of these persons has been such that it has brought disrespute to the Association.The Managing Committee therefore unanimously resolves to recommend to the General Body to expel the said four individuals and Sarvodaya Sporting Club from the Association for a period of six years. The Managing committee further unnamiously resolves to suspend the said four individuals and Sarvodaya Sporting Club from all activities of the Association pending decision of the Genral Body. The said persons and the club are also debarred from entering or making use of any facilities of the association pending decision of the General Body. The Matter shall be placed before the General Body within six months from today.