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Maharashtra Eves beat Goa by two runs
GCA News Bytes Maharashtra women beat Goa by two runs in the Inter State Competition in the Elite Group (B) held at Gymkhana grounds Pananji.With this win, Maharashtra have got four points. SCOREBOARD MR Magre c Gaonkar b Rane 11 SP Jadhav run out (Gaonkar) 5 MA Aghav c DU Naik b Pandey 0 +SS Shinde b Pandey 0 DP Vaidya not out 52 *AA Patil c Pandey b Malik 10 TS Hasabnis b Malik 30 SR Mane c Sunanda b Chavan 11 PB Garkhede c and b Chavan 9 SR Mosalgi lbw b Pandey 2 NS Bhor not out 6 Extras 9 Total (9 wickets, innings closed, 50 overs) 135 Goa Women innings SS Naik run out (Bhor) 1 +DU Naik b Garkhede 6 *Y Sunanda not out 56 SS Pandey lbw b Hasabnis 19 SV Divkar c and b Vaidya 12 SM Rane lbw b Mane 9 NA Malik run out (Mosal) 0 BK Gaonkar run out (Garkhede) 8 N Banu b Hasabnis 0 Sonali lbw b Hasabnis 3 RS Chavan not out 4 Extras 15 Total (9 wickets, innings closed, 50 overs) 133